Truck Dispatch Services

We provide high-quality freight dispatch service for interstate carriers and fleet
owners in the USA and Canada


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Dry Van / Reefer

Dry vans and reefers are the most required truck types in the market. For a growing carrier company, the essential part is considered to have a guide in this rough market that allows you to grab the most profitable offer. Our dispatch service simplifies your work by keeping track of options across multiple loadboards to the max without you even leaving either the office or driver's seat.


dispatch service for owner operators

Flat Bed / Step Deck

Flatbed and stepdeck trucks require special attention and a deep understanding of the specifics. We understand this and our trucking dispatch services allow the driver to focus on ensuring the safety of cargo transportation. Any company that starts its way with such a complicated type of equipment should be aware of all obstacles that will occur. This is why Resolute brings a distinctive approach to any client and helps them to overcome all the possible issues. Moreover, our dispatch service has both knowledge and experience in obtaining all the necessary permits that have your company make money-flow increased by 20% up to 50% and even more.


freight dispatch service

Power Only

Power only is a good type of equipment to start your business with because numerous shippers are eager to find carriers with this option available. As long as Power only has its certain features, our dispatch team knows how to provide you with a decent service so that your profit is going to be equally rated to a Dry Van. We provide dispatch services for trucking companies and owner operators in the USA.


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Hotshot is a less-than-load truck type and obviously, it requires both more attention and much stronger dispatch support than any other type of equipment. However, if you entrust your business to us, our qualified team will do its best to keep your truck working for your pocket.


trucking dispatch

Box Truck

Box truck is one of the most popular types of equipment in the trucking business. However, it's a time-devouring process to find a proper load that can bring you a desirable income. Having both knowledge and experience in the box-truck field, Resolute team can make your business journey easier and more profitable.

Rodeo Dispatch is Leading
Freight Dispatching Service

Customized Dispatch for Trucks
When you become a Rodeo Dispatch family member, our team takes special care of your paperwork, preferences, goals and capacity choosing the best way to boost your business.
Dedicated Assistance
Once you're set up with our company, you'll get your personal dispatcher who's going to plan your routes from A to Z. Our specialist will come to your assistance at any time of the day or night until the job is done.
Best Possible Rates
Our freight dispatchers grab a load based only on your preferences. Negotiating with brokers, our team will get you the best rates and schedule your trips as far ahead as possible.
End-To-End Support
In case of any disputes or conflicts with brokers/shippers/receivers/factoring and insurance companies, our truck dispatch company is always ready to help you out with making a well-weighted decision.
Streamlined Payments
When the load is delivered to the final destination, your personal truck dispatcher collects and submits all the paperwork to brokers and factoring companies portals for you to get your money asap and enjoy your time off.
Set-Up Paperwork
When you confirm that you are happy with our dispatching services, your dispatcher takes care of all the necessary paperwork for you to be focused only on the road.

Why choose Rodeo Dispatch

We provide dispatching services truckers trust in because we are professionals with years of experience in the brokerage and deep knowledge of ins and outs. We know the specifics of the equipment along with federal and local regulations. Our dispatcher company constantly monitors freight rates, load boards, brokers, and shippers to spot the best deals for our clientage.

Unlike many other truck dispatch companies, Rodeo Dispatch focuses on a comprehensive approach and provides end-to-end services to relieve drivers from the stress of hunting for loads, making calls, doing paperwork, or struggling for payment. Our truck dispatch service ensures ongoing training for dispatchers and encourages them to anticipate problems before they arise. We foster agility, effective teamwork, and a responsible attitude to drivers under our care. 
Our aim is to keep your trucks busy and smooth the way for your growth!

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Making your haul life easier!

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Prices for the Truck Dispatch Service

Fix Rate

  • 1-4 Truck - $350/Truck/Week*
  • 5-10 Truck - $320/Truck/Week*
  • 10+ Truck - $250/Truck/Week*

Standard Rate

  • Dry Van; Reefer; Flatbed/StepDeck at 5% Gross Revenue
  • BOX TRUCK 10% of gross revenue
  • HOTSHOT / Power Only 5% of gross revenue

What Our Clients Say About Us

With over 500 Google reviews, more people continue to choose Rodeo Dispatch
Check out what they have to say!

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Sarah M

Very good company for all your transportation needs. The service I received was very good, well planned with as much as possible details in advance both via email and phone, the rate was fair. Positive peoples. I would use this company again in the future. I highly recommend them.

placeholder 1
Marie W

I am very impressed with Rodeo Dispatch. I have the pleasure of working with Mary. She's very professional and completes task in a timely manner. I've never had to worry about if she's going to keep my trucks rolling. I received a text from her every morning to touch base about our daily plans. I would definitely recommend this company for your dispatching needs.

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Emily R

This dispatch company is awesome!!! Alice is my dispatcher and she is amazing. I can text or call her anytime during business hours and she jumps right on it! Makes me feel like I’m the only driver she has to deal with daily. I’m sure to wake up every morning with a text from her asking me if I’m ready to work!!

FAQs about Trucking Dispatch

Before you start working with Rodeo Dispatch, you may be interested in some questions about truck dispatch,
we have collected the most popular ones here:

How Can the Dispatch Company Help Me to Get Loads?

Our dispatching services include finding loads for fleet owners and owner operators, 24/7 support and handling all paperwork. We work for your loads and allow you to stay focused on driving. Just get in touch with us.

What is trucking dispatch?

Trucking dispatch involves the coordination and management of truck drivers and their shipments. It includes assigning routes, managing schedules, and ensuring timely delivery of goods.

How does trucking dispatch work?

Dispatchers communicate with truck drivers, assign routes based on factors like distance and delivery deadlines, and monitor the progress of shipments. They may use dispatch software and communication tools to streamline the process.

What is a dispatcher's role in trucking?

ispatchers are responsible for planning and optimizing delivery routes, communicating with drivers, addressing issues during transit, and ensuring that shipments are delivered on time.

How do trucking dispatchers communicate with drivers?

Communication is often done through various means, including phone calls, messaging apps, and specialized dispatch software. Many trucking companies use dedicated communication systems to maintain constant contact with their drivers.

What is the significance of load optimization in trucking dispatch?

Load optimization involves efficiently assigning shipments to trucks based on factors like weight, size, and delivery deadlines. This helps maximize the use of available resources, reduce fuel costs, and improve overall operational efficiency.

What are the key challenges in trucking dispatch?

Challenges include managing unforeseen delays, optimizing routes for fuel efficiency, coordinating with drivers, and adapting to changes in demand. Effective communication and the use of advanced technology can help address these challenges.

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